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  • All runs will start from Butler Sports Centre, Wem at 9:00am (unless otherwise stated). Do try and get there in time to allow a prompt start

  • See the monthly newsletter for the destination of our rides

  • Please contact Edwin Hargraves (01939 235556) if you need any details of the rides

  • A few non-racing members leave Malpas most Thursdays and a route and cafe stop are usually decided on the day

  • Please contact Ian Hassall (01948 861269) if need any details of the rides

The runs are not training runs and the pace will be sufficient for you to be able to chat to your companions. The distance of full day runs will be up to 50 – 80 miles, depending on lunch destination. Distances will be generally longer after Christmas. If you don't want to do the full run, why not join in for an hour or two and then peel off and go home? We will generally aim to be back before dark, but you might want to carry lights in case of "dark" days of poor visibility or delays on the ride. No-one will be left behind, so please make sure that you tell the runs leader if you intend to leave the group during the ride.


When riding in a group, for your safety, comfort and enjoyment, please remember....

You are responsible for your own safety, and that of others.

  • Ride a roadworthy machine – you will need more robust tyres for the winter months. Carry spare inner tubes and sufficient tools to change them.

  • You are strongly recommended to wear a helmet and high visibility clothing. A rear LED light is a good idea.

  • Read and follow the Highway Code. Always consider and try to be courteous to other road users – even if they aren't to us!

  • Always be aware of what is happening around you. Others will be riding in close proximity to you. Indicate when slowing or stopping.

  • Indicate hazards (e.g. potholes, parked vehicles, debris on the road, etc) to riders following you.

  • Always carry some food and drink and wear adequate clothing. Carry some waterproof clothing in case of bad weather.

  • Please fit mudguards with rear mudflaps to your bike – not just for your own comfort, but mainly for that of your companions and the proprietors of cafes we might use (so we don't leave dirty chairs).

  • Our normal riding formation will be in a compact group of two-abreast, except on busy or narrow roads, when we will ride in single file. This is perfectly legal and in accordance with the Highway Code and with safety advice from Cycling UK (formerly CTC).

  • Do not ride more than two abreast, do not ride on the outside of the rider in front of you. Keep close to the rider in front of you in order to keep the group as compact as possible.

  • We will stop at ALL junctions, irrespective of whether they are "Stop" or "Give Way" junctions. Do not drift forward across the give way line. STOP!


We look forward to a winter of safe and enjoyable club runs. See you up the road.

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