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             EVENING 10'S - MARSHALLING


Note to Marshals:

  •  Please collect your marshal’s jacket from Race HQ at the Prees Cricket and Sports Club

  •  Please do not attempt to slow down or control traffic, just indicate the direction to riders

  •  If you are unable to marshal on your allocated night, please arrange to swap with another club member on the rota. If you cannot do this, please let Caroline LLoyd (07515 541420) James Neale (07745 932033) or Terry Price (07463 301402) know ASAP.  Don’t leave it till the last minute please.

  • Check Facebook or Whatsapp NSW club chaTTer for marshalling duties.

Marshalling points:

Prees Course

  • Prees Island (2) - encircle and retrace along A49

  • Prees Green (1) - turn left along B5065

  • Lower Heath (the Tumps) (1) - turn left

  • Green Lane (1) - turn left

Hawkstone Course

  • Weston Cross rds (1) - turn left

  • Hodnet, former A442 junction (1) - turn left

  • Lower Heath, junction with B5065 (1) - turn left

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